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We are a team of young, vibrant, and visionary innovators who enjoy taking on the challenges faced by early-career individuals seeking roles in the industry. We assist individuals to achieve their career goals by employing innovative approaches and methods. Our goal is to assist students, graduates, and early-career individuals to land their dream jobs and empower them to be the best they can be in the industry.

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What makes us unique


We take pride in our what we do. Our team is always available to provide adequate support for your career and development needs. We respond to to inquiries within one business day


We have a dedicated team that would listen to you, analyse your background and profile and provide tailored solutions to address your career and development needs. Our team have been through the same hurdles, and have real life experiences in the job market.


We are not your average career mentors. We boast a versatile team and we would ensure you receive guidance and support from an experienced professional who has had the ame background experience

Meet the Team

We Have a Diverse and Established Team

Banji Alo

Health Data Scientist

Banji is an international development and health data scientist who is passionate about assisting students and graduates achieve their career goals.

Luke B.

Luke Bayliss


Mr Bayliss is a PhD Candidate in Queensland. He has presented at the International Mental Health Conference and recently won the Three-Minute Thesis competition at the national Suicide Prevention Australia symposium. Mr Bayliss has mentored and tutored students throughout Australia for several years.

Denis A

Denis Aku

Mechanical Engineer

Denis is a Plant Mechanical in the Australian energy sector. He engages with early-career engineers and provides advice on suitable career paths.

Candidate Store

Our range of exclusive packages designed for you

Job Application Masterclass Bundle (All in One)

This most popular bundle is designed to take you from zero to hero. Get the all-in-one package which includes resume and cover letter upgrade, building an online brand, job search and interview preparation techniques.

Resume and Cover Letter Upgrade

Your resume and cover letter are the first gateways for your next job. You want to ensure these credentials showcase your skills, strengths and sufficiently represent you. This package is for you if your resume and application credentials do not get you through the front door.

Job Search Strategies

A strategy is required to win in every job market. This package is exclusive to individuals who are unsure about how to navigate their options in the job market. We will work with you to assess your strengths and plan a roadmap for you to achieve your career goals.

Interview Preparation Masterclass

This package is designed for you if you attend several interviews with no real post-interview success. We will guide you on how to face the interview panel and confidently answer their questions.


Some clients stories and companies where they have landed job offers


Energy Governance Specialist, Australia

Connecting with Banji was fortuitous. In 2020, I planned to make an application that would enable me to get my desired roles in Australia and I was shopping around for people who had had similar experiences, when a friend introduced me to Banji. Following Banji’s advice helped me land a position in one of my choice organisations in two months. Banji’s advice and assistance with my application process was instrumental to my successful application, as I received positive feedback less than two weeks after I made the application.



Financial Analyst, UK

Meeting this team has been a blessing for me. They were able to transform and demystify some of my greatest fears and concerns. They reviewed my resume so it would fit and meet industry standards. In addition, they transformed my LinkedIn page and shared insights on how to engage in meaningful and productive conversations with mentors and future employers. Thanks to all the tips and guidance; they were all instrumental in helping me land my current internship with the United Nations for Conference Trade and Development (UNCTAD) - a dream that became a reality. Thank you!

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