A career fair is an event that hosts employees and potential employers, bring them together under one roof. Job seekers attend this event with the sole aim of getting information about their potential employers by speaking to them face-to-face. Many job seekers use this opportunity to pitch their talent before employers. Attending career fairs extends beyond moving from one booth to another. This article will explore how to stand out and get more of this event. Note that career fairs may vary in terms of size and breadth of the employer. Thus, it is essential to research your career path before attending a career fair.


The following key points are essential to consider as you prepare to attend a career fair:

  • Dress professionally like you will be attending a job interview
  • Update your resume and ensure to print sufficient hard copies for the fair
  • Get your notetaking materials ready. If you have a business card, you can take it along with you
  • Research the companies: This is a significant step as you do not want to approach your potential employers at the booth with the usual clichés that bore them. Hence, it is crucial to make a list of companies that will be there and select the few you would like to approach.
  • After conducting your research, it is essential to look out for some particular details about the companies in your list to form your elevator pitch at each booth. Such information may include; company’s products and services, culture, latest news, current vacancies, etc.

At the job fair

Review your research notes for each company, and ensure you are polite and exude confidence when interacting. Ask questions around what you already know from your research. Something like “Your company is an ideal match for me…”, “I read about XYZ, could you tell me more about it, etc.

Now that this question has aroused the interest of your potential employer and they have asked you to describe yourself, it is now time to sell yourself by talking about your background, relevant experiences, and goals that are related to the company’s interest. Also, be sure to ask meaningful questions, not questions relating to salary or those already answered on their website.

As the conversation ends, make sure you ask for their contact details to stay in touch. However, in some cases, you are still required to apply for the available job position through their website, which might be part of the hiring process.


After the event

Most people forget to do a follow-up after the event, forgetting that recruiters or potential employers met many people during the job fair, so it will difficult to remember everyone. For this reason, be sure to contact them a few days after the event stating your last interaction as a reminder alongside your purpose.

Good luck with attending your next career fair.


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