Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash

Continuous leadership development and growth are essential to maintaining productivity and effectiveness within an organisation. Continuous leadership development can contribute to the growth and success of an organisation. Leaders seeking to develop an organisation must also seek ways to continuously enhance their leadership skills and portfolios. Although, my education and previous professional experience did introduce me to leadership and management; I still desire continuous development through practical training and experience to continually leverage my academic knowledge on leadership with practical scenarios in the workplace. I would also attend leadership programmes, seminars and trainings and critically assess my leadership skills using structured leadership assessment tools and questionnaires, to understand my leadership behaviour and to check for areas of weakness and draw out realistic plans to improve on these aspects. I would take feedbacks from professional evaluations seriously and address the gaps reported. I would also seek informal feedback from colleagues and fellow team members in formal and informal settings, especially on completion of a project.

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