Image by Dylan Gillis

Motivation is a goal-oriented approach that helps an individual achieve his or her objectives. Leadership and motivation are intertwined in that the success of a particular leader in any organisation is dependent on how well he is able to motivate his followers. Motivation is suggested to be anything that affects behaviour in pursuing a certain outcome. These outcomes or results are the organisational goals, and motivation is required to achieve these end results. To be highly successful in an organisation, a leader must be able to motivate his followers to achieve beyond the minimum expected results. It is easy to underestimate the value of motivation within an organisational context, owing to the fact that every individual receives a paycheque at the end of the month – which should serve as enough motivation – however, this alone might not influence an individual to deliver on his job. Therefore, it important for a leader to motivate his team members to ensure they deliver excellent results.

Motivation will continue to be as important for a team as it is to leadership. The ability of a leader to motivate a team is also crucial to an organisation, so much so that it now forms part of some key performance indicators used to assess the effectiveness of a leader in the workplace.

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