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What philosophies, values, and principles guide leaders? The viewpoint of leadership has changed considerably over the last decade. I believe leadership is authority, influence, responsibility, ownership and successfully leading a group of people. It is the ability to lead others to greatness, and setting the same standards you would like the other team members to follow. Leadership makes an individual live by great morals. Leaders can be born or made. While certain individuals are born with some leadership traits, many others have developed themselves to be leaders. In fact, leadership skills can be developed by constant participation in development and leadership programmes; taking up more responsibilities; being accountable; listening to renowned leaders. As an aspiring leader, I value integrity, accountability, discipline, and innovation. My goal is to make my followers feel valued through a constant display of empathy, listening to them, and valuing their contributions. The importance of role models in this new dispensation cannot be overemphasized. Role models provide valuable mentorship and guidance to aspiring leaders. I particularly admire the leadership behaviour of former US President, Barack Obama. He is charismatic and skilled at taking charge of situations. He is also disciplined, responsible, accountable, and bold. He is a problem-solver and takes pride in listening to his followers.

In summary, leadership is responsibility, and it cuts across all aspects of life. A good leader has to be fully responsible for his actions.

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