Photo by Jonny Caspari on Unsplash

I have observed various leadership styles, techniques and strategies in the course of my interactions with colleagues, classmates, and mentors. Research has proven that three main types of leadership exist, namely – transformation leadership, transactional leadership and servant leadership. Many leaders aspire to be a transformational leader – one that is visionary, inspiring and constantly engaging with followers to create a balanced and effective team. Consistent engagements with followers is key to assisting these mentees to realise their full potentials and also to help them become and mentor others. Transformational leaders constantly engage with followers; modeling the way by leading by example, having a shared organisational vision, and encouraging others to take actions and lead.

Leaders generally behave differently in a variety of context, given their skills and traits. The way in which leaders behave is analysed based on two different perspectives, namely – task-oriented or people-oriented. While the task-oriented leaders focus on results, goals, outcomes; the people-oriented leaders are known to focus on staff satisfaction. Every individual should endeavour to be transformational leader; focusing on achieving results as well as keeping followers satisfied.

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